My current artwork reflects my desire to go beyond straight photography and combine elements of collage, photography, printmaking and the application of digital technology to the artistic process. I want to blend the traditional with the new in a seamless almost non-photographic image. Like a musician who might paste and blend layers of different instruments or sounds, my images are composed in the same manner. The objects, textures and surfaces I photograph are only starting points for my images and I then layer and blend them together. When successful, the images are simple, akin to an Irish melody, and are reflected in the beauty of the print, the final object. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in the collections of the Stanford Art Museum, Coos Bay Museum, Bank of American, Macnider Museum, Joseph Goldyne, Dr. William Ehrenfeld, Frederick Sommer, AT&T, Pacific Telesis and many other public and private collections.
Paralleling this more personal artistic journey I started Joseph McDonald Photography, a commercial photography business specializing in the photography of fine art, more than 25 years ago. Recently I became partners with Bill Kane and John Annesley as Joseph McDonald Photography transformed into Digital Grange, a professional collective of experts specializing in Fine Art Services including museum quality photography, custom printing, digital imaging, stretching and framing as well as workshops and an art gallery.
I am also Museum Photographer for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, a position I have held for over 20 years. In that span I have produced many catalogues and books dealing with a myriad of art objects. A particular area of interest has been the decorative arts and it has influenced my personal work a great deal. Additionally, I teach Digital Photography as an Adjunct Professor at Santa Rosa Junior College.
Some of my more notable commercial clients are Pixar Animation Studios, McSweeney’s, Chronicle Books, Lucas Films, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Antiques Magazine, Hewlett Packard, The Chicago Art Institute, Winterthur, The Corcoran Gallery and many others.

My earlier work involved alternative processes, especially platinum printing, and it has been a progression into using digital techniques where I can explore papers, surface textures and collage. I have worked with digital photography since it’s inception and produced my first Iris prints with Nash Editions. Digital procedures have also enabled me to work in color and obtain the nuances I couldn’t achieve with traditional color processes.